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Fundref IDFunder NameBodyTypeCountry
10.13039/100004766 J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100009832 J. E. and L. E. Mabee Foundation(Mabee Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100006658 J. Hilder Harris Trust Private United States
10.13039/100001336 J. Marion Sims Foundation, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100007440 J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation(Pritzker Family Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001221 J.F Maddox Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002168 J.F. Kapnek Trust Pediatric AIDS Fund - Zimbabwe Private United States
10.13039/100001200 J.M. Kaplan Fund Private United States
10.13039/501100007140 Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia(Public Service Department of Malaysia) Government Malaysia
10.13039/100009421 Jack D. Hidary Foundation(Hidary Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100009240 Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100000086 Jackman Humanities Institute, University of Toronto(JHI) Private Canada
10.13039/100006726 Jackson College(JC) Government United States
10.13039/100002158 Jackson Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005946 Jackson Laboratory Private United States
10.13039/100006989 Jackson State University(JSU) Government United States
10.13039/100010651 Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009276 Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation(Jacob & Valeria Langeloth Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100007621 Jacob Blaustein Center for Scientific Cooperation(Blaustein Center for Scientific Cooperation) Private Israel
10.13039/100006304 Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives (AJA)(AJA) Private United States
10.13039/501100003986 Jacobs Foundation Private Germany
10.13039/100009575 Jacques und Gloria Gossweiler-Stiftung(Jacques and Gloria Gossweiler Foundation) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100009589 Jadavpur University(JU) Private India
10.13039/100002160 Jain Foundation(Jain Foundation Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100009085 Jain University(JU) Private India
10.13039/100010125 Jalmari ja Rauha Ahokkaan Säätiö(Jalmari and Rauha Ahokas Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/100006364 James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital(Tampa VA Hospital) Government United States
10.13039/100008620 James and Jean Culver Vision Discovery Institute, Georgia Regents University(Culver Vision Discovery Institute) Private United States
10.13039/100010171 James and Judith K. Dimon Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010296 James B. Pendleton Charitable Trust Private United States
10.13039/501100003987 James Baird Fund, University of Cambridge Government United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001792 James Cook University(JCU) Private Australia
10.13039/100009822 James G. Boswell Foundation(Boswell Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001010 James Graham Brown Foundation(James Graham Brown Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100001571 James H. Cummings Foundation(James H. Cummings Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100003838 James H. Hall Eye Center Private United States
10.13039/100003904 James Jones Literary Society Private United States
10.13039/100005490 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008289 James Madison University(JMU) Government United States
10.13039/100005531 James McKeen Cattell Fund Private United States
10.13039/100005947 James Merrill House Private United States
10.13039/100009762 James Pantyfedwen Foundation Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100000913 James S. McDonnell Foundation(JSMF) Private United States
10.13039/100009300 Jamestowne Society Private United States
10.13039/100007439 Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse samt Tore Browaldhs Stiftelse(Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/100001292 Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001033 Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research Private United States
10.13039/501100004012 Jane ja Aatos Erkon Säätiö(Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/100005565 Janssen Biotech(Janssen Biotech, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100008897 Janssen Pharmaceuticals(Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100005205 Janssen Research and Development(Janssen R&D) Private United States
10.13039/501100004020 Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(Japanese Space Agency) Government Japan
10.13039/501100003988 Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(JAMSTEC) Government Japan
10.13039/100009619 Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development(AMED) Private Japan
10.13039/100007392 Japan Association for the Advancement of Medical Equipment(JAAME) Private Japan
10.13039/501100005118 Japan Atomic Energy Agency(JAEA) Private Japan
10.13039/501100005119 Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute(JAERI) Private Japan
10.13039/501100008370 Japan Cassis Association Private Japan
10.13039/501100005121 Japan Center for Economic Research(JCER) Private Japan
10.13039/501100004013 Japan Construction Information Center(JACIC) Private Japan
10.13039/100007415 Japan Ecology Foundation(JEF) Private Japan
10.13039/501100008593 Japan Foundation for Aging and Health Private Japan
10.13039/100008695 Japan Foundation for Applied Enzymology Private Japan
10.13039/100008735 Japan Foundation of Applied Enzymology Private Japan
10.13039/501100001211 Japan Foundation Sydney Private Australia
10.13039/100008699 Japan Foundation, London(Japan Foundation London) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009308 Japan Foundation, Los Angeles(Japan Foundation Los Angeles) Private United States
10.13039/501100007618 Japan Foundation, Manila(JFM) Private Philippines
10.13039/100004447 Japan Foundation, New York(JFNY) Private United States
10.13039/100007416 Japan Health Sciences Foundation(JHSF) Private Japan
10.13039/501100004014 Japan IDDM network Private Japan
10.13039/501100004532 Japan International Cooperation Agency(Agence Japonaise de Coopération Internationale) Government Japan
10.13039/501100005120 Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute(JNC) Private Japan
10.13039/501100004015 Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization(JNES) Private Japan
10.13039/501100004016 Japan Prize Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/100008728 Japan Research Foundation for Clinical Pharmacology Private Japan
10.13039/501100002241 Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST) Private Japan
10.13039/501100001695 Japan Science and Technology Corporation(JST) Private Japan
10.13039/501100007807 Japan Science Society Private Japan
10.13039/501100007332 Japan Securities Scholarship Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/501100001691 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS) Private Japan
10.13039/501100000646 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science London(JSPS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100008369 Japan Society of Ultrasonics in Medicine(JSUM) Private Japan
10.13039/100009466 Japan-China Medical Association Private Japan
10.13039/100008971 Japan-North America Medical Exchange Foundation(JANAMEF) Private Japan
10.13039/100005097 Japan-United States Friendship Commission(JUSFC) Private United States
10.13039/100005948 Japanese American Citizens League(JACL) Private United States
10.13039/501100008541 Japanese Association for Dental Science(JADS) Private Japan
10.13039/501100004017 Japanese Association of Dialysis Physicians(JAPD) Private Japan
10.13039/501100001696 Japanese Association of University Women(JAUW) Private Japan
10.13039/501100004018 Japanese Brain Bank Network for Neuroscience Research(JBBNNR) Private Japan
10.13039/501100005072 Japanese Circulation Society(JCS) Private Japan
10.13039/501100002420 Japanese Geotechnical Society Private Japan
10.13039/501100005122 Japanese Physical Therapy Association(JPTA) Private Japan
10.13039/100009048 Japanese Society of Clinical Neuropsychopharmacology(JSCNP) Private Japan
10.13039/501100007309 Japanese Society of Medical Oncology(JSMO) Private Japan
10.13039/501100005123 Japanese Society of Nephrology(JSN) Private Japan
10.13039/501100006724 Japanese Urological Association(JUA) Private Japan
10.13039/100010809 Jascha Fonden Private Denmark
10.13039/501100003490 Javelin Ventures Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004329 Javna Agencija za Raziskovalno Dejavnost RS(Slovenian Research Agency) Government Slovenia
10.13039/501100005116 Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research(JNCASR) Private India
10.13039/501100004021 Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund(JNMF) Private India
10.13039/501100006745 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad(JNTU Hyderabad) Government India
10.13039/100001294 Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota Private United States
10.13039/100009388 Jazan University Private Saudi Arabia
10.13039/100003899 JBJ Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008871 JDRF Private United States
10.13039/100008918 Jean Perkins Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100001308 Jean Shanks Foundation Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008738 Jeanssons Stiftelser(Jeansson Foundations) Private Sweden
10.13039/100001245 Jeffrey Modell Foundation(JMF) Private United States
10.13039/100003900 Jegs Private United States
10.13039/100001187 JEHT Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100002500 Jeju International University(JIU) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100002449 Jeju National University(Cheju National University) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100008126 Jeju National University Hospital(JNUH) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100004022 Jenny ja Antti Wihurin Rahasto(Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/501100002501 Jeonju National University of Education(JNUE) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100002502 Jeonju University(JJ) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100004534 Jernkontoret(Jernkontoret-the Swedish Steel Producers' Association) Private Sweden
10.13039/100009720 Jerold B. Katz Foundation(Katz Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100006991 Jerome A. Yavitz Charitable Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006308 Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, National Museum of American History Government United States
10.13039/100001188 Jerome Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008214 Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering, South Dakota State University(College of Engineering, South Dakota State University) Government United States
10.13039/501100001673 Jérôme Lejeune Foundation Private France
10.13039/100007303 Jess and Mildred Fisher Center for Familial Cancer Research(Fisher Center for Familial Cancer Research) Private United States
10.13039/100001087 Jessie Ball duPont Fund Private United States
10.13039/501100000644 Jesus College, University of Cambridge(JESUS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000645 Jesus College, University of Oxford Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002624 Jesus University(Margaret Pritchard University) Private South Korea
10.13039/100006196 Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL) Government United States
10.13039/100004767 JetBlue Private United States
10.13039/100003038 Jewish Community Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001189 Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City Private United States
10.13039/501100004734 Jewish General Hospital(Hôpital Général Juif) Private Canada
10.13039/100010379 Jewish Healthcare Foundation(JHF) Private United States
10.13039/100005950 Jewish Women's Foundation(Jewish Women's Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago) Private United States
10.13039/100003039 Jewish Women's Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit(Jewish Women's Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100003041 JFK Medical Center Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010089 JGW Patterson Foundation(John George William Patterson Foundation) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004028 Jiangnan University Government China
10.13039/100007539 Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences(JAAS) Government China
10.13039/100007540 Jiangsu Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Fund(JASTIF) Government China
10.13039/501100004029 Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission(Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission of China) Government China
10.13039/501100004030 Jiangsu Normal University(JSNU) Government China
10.13039/501100007166 Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education(Department of Education Jiangsu Province) Government China
10.13039/501100002703 Jiangsu University(Advanced Talents Foundation of Jiangsu University) Private China
10.13039/501100004868 Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics(JUFE) Government China
10.13039/501100008254 Jiangxi University of Science and Technology(JUST) Government China
10.13039/501100007955 Jiaying University Government China
10.13039/501100004031 Jichi Medical University Government Japan
10.13039/100010100 Jihočeská Univerzita v Českých Budějovicích(University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice) Government Czech Republic
10.13039/501100007962 Jikei University School of Medicine(Jikei University) Private Japan
10.13039/100006015 JILA, University of Colorado(JILA) Private United States
10.13039/501100007710 Jilin Agricultural University(JAU) Private China
10.13039/501100005227 Jilin Department of Health(Department of Health, Jilin Province) Government China
10.13039/501100004032 Jilin University(JLU) Government China
10.13039/100010747 Jilin University of Finance and Economics(JUFE) Government China
10.13039/501100005068 Jimma University(JU) Government Ethiopia
10.13039/100007785 Jinan Science and Technology Bureau(Jinan Science & Technology Bureau) Government China
10.13039/501100004024 Jinan University(JNU) Government China
10.13039/501100004025 Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute(JCI) Government China
10.13039/501100008092 Jinhua Science and Technology Bureau(Science and Technology Bureau of Jinhua City) Government China
10.13039/501100004026 Jiren Charity Foundation(JRCF) Private China
10.13039/100001703 JM Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008662 Joachim Herz Stiftung(Joachim Herz Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/100003326 Joan Rothenberg Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004003 Joanna M. Nicolay Melanoma Foundation(JMNMF) Private United States
10.13039/100006992 Joanne G. and Gary N. Owen Fund in Immunology Research Private United States
10.13039/100003903 Jobs for the Fututre Private United States
10.13039/100007267 Joe Andruzzi Foundation(JAF) Private United States
10.13039/100001011 Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008906 Joensuun Yliopiston Tukisäätiö(Joensuu University Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/501100004033 Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz(Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) Government Germany
10.13039/100000909 John A. Hartford Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006993 John and Marva Warnock Cancer Research Fund Private United States
10.13039/100006957 John and Maureen Hendricks Charitable Foundation(Hendricks Charitable Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001802 John B. Pierce Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005478 John Carter Brown Library, Brown University Private United States
10.13039/100009480 John Cheek Trust Private Falkland Islands
10.13039/100000870 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation(MacArthur Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007040 John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, University of North Dakota(UND Aerospace) Government United States
10.13039/100004713 John Deere Private United States
10.13039/100001577 John Deere Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001107 John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust Private United States
10.13039/100008096 John E. Fogarty Foundation for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Private United States
10.13039/100005703 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Private United States
10.13039/100003913 John F. Kennedy Library Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100004789 John Fell Fund, University of Oxford(John Fell OUP Research Fund) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100009626 John Glenn College of Public Affairs, Ohio State University Private United States
10.13039/100005951 John Glenn School of Public Affairs, Ohio State University Private United States
10.13039/100010280 John H. Tietze Foundation Trust Private United States
10.13039/100005854 John Hope Franklin Research Center, Duke University Private United States
10.13039/501100004034 John Innes Foundation(JIF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008577 John Jay College of Criminal Justice Private United States
10.13039/100007441 John Merck Fund Private United States
10.13039/501100007648 John och Brit Wennerströms Stiftelse för Neurologisk Forskning(John and Brit Wennerström Foundation) Private Sweden
10.13039/100009413 John P. and Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation(John P. & Anne Welsh McNulty Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100006927 John P. McGovern Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001254 John P. Murphy Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001277 John R. Oishei Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001664 John Randolph and Dora Haynes Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003289 John Randolph Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005621 John Rex Endowment Private United States
10.13039/100005959 John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006988 John S. Dunn Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100004108 John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation Private Greece
10.13039/100005851 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009809 John T. Reid Charitable Trusts(John T Reid Charitable Trusts) Private Australia
10.13039/100000925 John Templeton Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003866 John Tracy Clinic(JTC) Private United States
10.13039/100001930 John W. Alden Trust Private United States
10.13039/100006994 John W. Anderson Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005853 John W. Hartman Center, Duke University Private United States
10.13039/100003482 John Wayne Cancer Foundation(JWCF) Private United States
10.13039/100005491 John William Miller Fellowship Fund Private United States
10.13039/100008309 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health(Bloomberg School of Public Health) Private United States
10.13039/100008911 Johns Hopkins Center for Mind-Body Research(Center for Mind-Body Research) Private United States
10.13039/100007881 Johns Hopkins Children's Center(JHCC) Private United States
10.13039/100007880 Johns Hopkins University(Johns Hopkins) Private United States
10.13039/100004331 Johnson and Johnson(Johnson & Johnson) Private United States
10.13039/100006995 Johnson Controls Private United States
10.13039/100001192 Johnson Family Foundation(JFF) Private United States
10.13039/100006203 Johnson Space Center(JSC) Government United States
10.13039/501100004010 Johs. M. Klein og Hustrus Mindelegat for Forskning ved Danske Centralsygehuse(Johs. M. Klein og Hustrus Mindelegat) Private Denmark
10.13039/100009905 Joint Forces Staff College(JFSC) Government United States
10.13039/501100000821 Joint Information Systems Committee(JISC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100003822 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research(JINR) Government Russia
10.13039/100009542 Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean(JISAO) Private United States
10.13039/100009902 Joint Military Intelligence College(JMIC) Government United States
10.13039/501100000900 Joint Research Centre(JRC) Government Belgium
10.13039/100004059 Jonathan Powell Hope Foundation, Inc.(JPHF) Private United States
10.13039/100008216 Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation(JCCF) Private United States
10.13039/100007186 Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center(UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center) Government United States
10.13039/501100002503 Joong-ang Sangha University(Joongang Sangha University) Private South Korea
10.13039/501100002504 Joongbu University Private South Korea
10.13039/501100004035 Jordan University of Science and Technology(JUST) Government Jordan
10.13039/501100005677 José Carreras Leukämie-Stiftung(Deutsche José Carreras Leukämie-Stiftung) Private Germany
10.13039/100009939 Josef Korbel School of International Studies(Josef Korbel School) Private United States
10.13039/501100008573 Josef og Haldis Andresens Legat(Josef and Haldis Andresens Legacy) Private Norway
10.13039/100009783 Joseph Ben Shimon Foundation(Jim Joseph Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100007442 Joseph Foote Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100005957 Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004434 Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust(JRCT) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000312 Joseph Rowntree Foundation(JRF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010004 Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center(J.W. Jones Ecological Research Center) Private United States
10.13039/501100001204 Joseph William Gottstein Memorial Trust Private Australia
10.13039/100005955 Josephine De Karman Fellowship Trust Private United States
10.13039/100002104 Joshua Frase Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003905 Joshua Tree National Park Association Private United States
10.13039/100006152 Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007877 Joslin Diabetes Center(JDC) Private United States
10.13039/100005312 Journal of the History of Ideas Private United States
10.13039/100005952 Journal of the History of Philosophy(Journal of the History of Philosophy, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100002166 Jovid Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100000911 Joyce Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007457 JPB Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004332 JPMorgan Chase and Company(JPM) Private United States
10.13039/501100008578 Jubiläumsstiftung der Schweizerischen Lebensversicherungs- und Rentenanstalt für Volksgesundheit und medizinische Forschung(Jubiläumsstiftung der Schweizerischen Lebensversicherungs) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100006690 Judge Baker Children's Center(JBCC) Private United States
10.13039/100006689 Judge Baker Guidance Center Private United States
10.13039/100001441 Judith and Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008718 Judith Jane Mason and Harold Stannett Williams Memorial Foundation(Mason Foundation) Private Australia
10.13039/100007232 Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies(CU PACS) Private United States
10.13039/501100004037 Juho Vainion Säätiö(Juho Vainio Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/100010126 Juliana von Wendtin Säätiö(Juliana von Wendt Fund) Private Finland
10.13039/100010775 Julius Klaus-Stiftung für Genetik und Sozialanthropologie(Julius Klaus-Stiftung) Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100008479 Julius Müller Stiftung(Julius Müller-Stiftung) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100010392 June and Steve Wolfson Family Foundation(June & Steve Wolfson Family Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100004038 Jung-Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Forschung(Jung Foundation for Science and Research) Private Germany
10.13039/501100002505 Jungwon University(JWU) Private South Korea
10.13039/100006722 Junior League For Pleasantville Cottage School Private United States
10.13039/100006625 Junior League of Des Moines Private United States
10.13039/501100004062 Junta Nacional de Investigação Científica e Tecnológica(JNICT) Government Portugal
10.13039/501100004039 Juntendo Institute of Mental Health Government Japan
10.13039/501100005731 Juntendo University Private Japan
10.13039/100010127 Jürgen Manchot Stiftung Private Germany
10.13039/501100001455 Jurong Town Corporation - Singapore(JTC) Government Singapore
10.13039/100009091 Justus Liebig Universität Gießen(Justus Liebig University Giessen) Private Germany
10.13039/100008664 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001067 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Australia(JDRF) Private Australia
10.13039/100009881 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Canada(JDRF Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/100000901 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International(JDRF) Private United States
10.13039/501100006271 JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation(JX Nippon Oil and Energy) Private Japan
10.13039/501100005222 Jyväskylän Yliopisto(University of Jyväskylä) Private Finland
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