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Fundref IDFunder NameBodyTypeCountry
10.13039/100004016 O'Neal Steel, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/501100008444 O. E. och Edla Johanssons Vetenskapliga Stiftelse Private Sweden
10.13039/100004005 O.J. Noer Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001275 Oak Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006225 Oak Ridge Associated Universities(ORAU) Private United States
10.13039/100006229 Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education(ORISE) Government United States
10.13039/100006228 Oak Ridge National Laboratory(ORNL) Government United States
10.13039/501100008042 Obayashi Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/100006042 Obert C. and Grace A. Tanner Humanities Center, University of Utah Private United States
10.13039/100007293 Obesity Society Private United States
10.13039/100010380 Obici Healthcare Foundation(Obici HCF) Private United States
10.13039/501100003960 Observatoire National sur les Effets du RĂ©chauffement Climatique(National Observatory on the Effects of Global Warming) Government France
10.13039/501100000667 Obstetric Anaesthetists' Association(OAA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007294 Ocean Life Institute, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Private United States
10.13039/501100004195 Ocean University of China(OUC) Government China
10.13039/100003214 OctoberWoman Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007068 Ocular Surface Research and Education Foundation(OSREF) Private United States
10.13039/501100004786 ODAS Stichting(ODAS Foundation) Private Netherlands
10.13039/100007432 Odd Berg Medical Research Foundation(Odd Berg Foundation) Private Norway
10.13039/501100004196 Odense Universitetshospital(Odense University Hospital) Government Denmark
10.13039/501100005203 OeAD-GmbH(OEAD) Private Austria
10.13039/501100004197 Oerlikon Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100004061 Oesterreichische Nationalbank(Austrian National Bank) Government Austria
10.13039/100005142 Office Depot Private United States
10.13039/100008159 Office for Coastal Management Government United States
10.13039/501100003623 Office for Government Policy Coordination, Prime Minister's Secretariat(OPC) Government South Korea
10.13039/501100000932 Office for Learning and Teaching(OLT) Private Australia
10.13039/100006089 Office for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support(OSTLTS) Government United States
10.13039/100006084 Office of AIDS Research(OAR) Government United States
10.13039/100006166 Office of Audits and Inspections Government United States
10.13039/100000118 Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research(OBSSR) Government United States
10.13039/100005441 Office of Budget, Finance and Award Management(BFA) Government United States
10.13039/100009864 Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education(OCTAE) Government United States
10.13039/100006124 Office of Chief Information Officer(OCIO) Government United States
10.13039/100006632 Office of Child Development, Department of Health, Education and Welfare Government United States
10.13039/100006123 Office of Classification Government United States
10.13039/100006173 Office of Climate Change Policy and Technology Government United States
10.13039/100005247 Office of Communications and Outreach(OCO) Government United States
10.13039/100007262 Office of Community Services(OCS) Government United States
10.13039/100006158 Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs(CI) Government United States
10.13039/100006126 Office of Counterintelligence Government United States
10.13039/100000105 Office of Cyberinfrastructure(OCI) Government United States
10.13039/100006187 Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation(DNN) Government United States
10.13039/100006188 Office of Defense Nuclear Security Government United States
10.13039/100006127 Office of Defense Programs Government United States
10.13039/100000063 Office of Dietary Supplements(ODS) Government United States
10.13039/100006085 Office of Disease Prevention(ODP) Government United States
10.13039/100006306 Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion(ODPHP) Government United States
10.13039/100006603 Office of Diversity and Inclusion(ODI) Government United States
10.13039/100010550 Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Ohio State University(ODI) Government United States
10.13039/100007257 Office of Education(OED) Government United States
10.13039/100006130 Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability(OE) Government United States
10.13039/100005248 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education(OESE) Government United States
10.13039/100006169 Office of Emergency Operations Government United States
10.13039/501100000958 Office of Energy Government Australia
10.13039/100006179 Office of Energy Analysis Government United States
10.13039/100006134 Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy(EERE) Government United States
10.13039/100006114 Office of Energy Policy Government United States
10.13039/100006182 Office of Energy Policy Government United States
10.13039/501100007178 Office of Energy Research and Development(OERD) Government Canada
10.13039/100006118 Office of Energy Statistics Government United States
10.13039/100005249 Office of English Language Acquisition(OELA) Government United States
10.13039/100006175 Office of Environment and Science Government United States
10.13039/100006141 Office of Environmental and Nuclear Programs Government United States
10.13039/100006138 Office of Environmental Management(EM) Government United States
10.13039/100006165 Office of Environmental Protection, Sustainability Support and Corporate Safety Analysis Government United States
10.13039/100000178 Office of Equal Opportunity Program(OEO) Government United States
10.13039/100005714 Office of Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research(EPSCoR) Government United States
10.13039/100006955 Office of Extramural Research, National Institutes of Health(OER) Government United States
10.13039/100006178 Office of Federal Energy Management Program(Federal Energy Management Program) Government United States
10.13039/100006120 Office of Fossil Energy Government United States
10.13039/100006121 Office of General Counsel Government United States
10.13039/501100001227 Office of Health and Medical Research(OHMR) Government Australia
10.13039/100006183 Office of Health and Safety Government United States
10.13039/100006122 Office of Health, Safety, and Security(HSS) Government United States
10.13039/100006674 Office of Human Development Services Government United States
10.13039/100005447 Office of Information and Resource Management(OIRM) Government United States
10.13039/100006128 Office of Infrastructure and Environment Government United States
10.13039/100005250 Office of Innovation and Improvement(OII) Government United States
10.13039/100006143 Office of Inspector General(OIG) Government United States
10.13039/100010608 Office of Inspector General(OIG) Government United States
10.13039/100000106 Office of Integrative Activities(OIA) Government United States
10.13039/100006167 Office of Intelligence Government United States
10.13039/100006144 Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence Government United States
10.13039/100007783 Office of International Affairs(IA) Government United States
10.13039/100007522 Office of International and Integrative Activities(IIA) Government United States
10.13039/100000089 Office of International Science and Engineering(OISE) Government United States
10.13039/100006185 Office of IT Planning, Architecture and E-Government Government United States
10.13039/100007236 Office of Justice Programs(OJP) Government United States
10.13039/100007264 Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention(OJJDP) Government United States
10.13039/100006186 Office of Legacy Management Government United States
10.13039/100000177 Office of Legislative and Public Affairs(OLPA) Government United States
10.13039/501100000954 Office of Multicultural Interests Department of Local Government(OMI) Government Australia
10.13039/501100007569 Office of Multicultural Interests Department of Local Government and Communities(OMI) Government Australia
10.13039/100006091 Office of Multidisciplinary Activities(OMA) Government United States
10.13039/501100000963 Office of Native Title Government Australia
10.13039/100006146 Office of Naval Reactors Government United States
10.13039/100000006 Office of Naval Research(ONR) Government United States
10.13039/100007297 Office of Naval Research Global(ONR Global) Government United States
10.13039/100006147 Office of Nuclear Energy(NE) Government United States
10.13039/100006170 Office of Nuclear Facility Operations Government United States
10.13039/100006142 Office of Nuclear Safety Government United States
10.13039/100000175 Office of Polar Environment, Health and Safety(PEHS) Government United States
10.13039/100000087 Office of Polar Programs(OPP) Government United States
10.13039/100006150 Office of Policy and International Affairs(PI) Government United States
10.13039/100005251 Office of Postsecondary Education(OPE) Government United States
10.13039/100006131 Office of Public Affairs(PA) Government United States
10.13039/100005234 Office of Public Health and Science(OPHS) Government United States
10.13039/100005265 Office of Public Health Genomics(OPHG) Government United States
10.13039/100005195 Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response(PHPR) Government United States
10.13039/100006191 Office of Public Information Government United States
10.13039/100006757 Office of Research and Creative Activities, Brigham Young University(ORCA, BYU) Private United States
10.13039/100006379 Office of Research and Development(VHA Office of Research and Development) Government United States
10.13039/100000124 Office of Research on Women's Health(ORWH) Government United States
10.13039/100006497 Office of Research, Drexel University Private United States
10.13039/100005252 Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools(OSDFS) Government United States
10.13039/100007351 Office of Safe and Healthy Students(OSHS) Government United States
10.13039/100006132 Office of Science(SC) Government United States
10.13039/100008646 Office of Science, Government of Western Australia Government Australia
10.13039/100006157 Office of Secretary of Energy Government United States
10.13039/100006184 Office of Security Government United States
10.13039/100006145 Office of Site Operations Government United States
10.13039/100006171 Office of Space and Defense Power Systems Government United States
10.13039/100005253 Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services(OSERS) Government United States
10.13039/100007296 Office of Special Education Programs, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services(OSEP, OSERS) Government United States
10.13039/100006086 Office of Strategic Coordination(OSC) Government United States
10.13039/100006159 Office of Technology Development Government United States
10.13039/100006200 Office of Technology Transfer and Procurement Government United States
10.13039/100004869 Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance(OTDA) Government United States
10.13039/100006438 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health(OASH) Government United States
10.13039/100004848 Office of the Attorney General(OAG) Government United States
10.13039/100004852 Office of the Attorney General(OAG) Government United States
10.13039/100004977 Office of the Attorney General Government United States
10.13039/501100007171 Office of the Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy(OCS, Ministry of Economy) Government Israel
10.13039/501100006580 Office of the Chief Scientist, Ministry of Health(Chief Scientist Office, Ministry of Health) Government Israel
10.13039/501100004283 Office of the Civil Service Commission(OCSC) Government Thailand
10.13039/100007242 Office of the Dean for Research, Princeton University Private United States
10.13039/501100004603 Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100000176 Office of the General Counsel(OGC) Government United States
10.13039/100004831 Office of the Governer Government United States
10.13039/100005982 Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology(ONC) Government United States
10.13039/501100008134 Office of the Royal Society Government Thailand
10.13039/100005255 Office of the Secretary(OS) Government United States
10.13039/100005713 Office of the Secretary of Defense(OSD) Government United States
10.13039/100006295 Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(OVCR) Private United States
10.13039/100010557 Office of the Vice President for Research, University of South Carolina Government United States
10.13039/100010558 Office of the Vice Provost for Research, Tufts University Private United States
10.13039/100006113 Office of Under Secretary Government United States
10.13039/100006174 Office of Under Secretary for Science Government United States
10.13039/100008619 Office of University Partnerships(OUP) Government United States
10.13039/100005254 Office of Vocational and Adult Education(OVAE) Government United States
10.13039/100007238 Office of Women’s Health(OWH) Government United States
10.13039/100006706 Office on Child Abuse and Neglect, Children's Bureau(OCAN) Government United States
10.13039/501100004468 Offshore Energy Research Association(OERA) Private Canada
10.13039/501100006543 Oficina Regional de CoordinaciĂłn de Salud Mental, Comunidad de Madrid(Oficina Regional de CoordinaciĂłn de Salud Mental) Government Spain
10.13039/100010742 OGAWA Science and Technology Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/100010810 Ă–gonfonden Private Sweden
10.13039/100005168 Ohio Academy of Family Physicians Foundation(OAFP) Private United States
10.13039/100005175 Ohio Academy of Science Private United States
10.13039/100010640 Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Ohio State University(OARDC) Government United States
10.13039/100005090 Ohio Arts Council(OAC) Government United States
10.13039/100005171 Ohio Board of Regents(OBR) Government United States
10.13039/100010257 Ohio Cancer Research(OCR) Private United States
10.13039/100005088 Ohio Cancer Research Associates(OCRA) Private United States
10.13039/100010516 Ohio Coal Development Office(OCDO) Government United States
10.13039/100005170 Ohio Department of Development(ODOD) Government United States
10.13039/100005172 Ohio Department of Education(ODE) Government United States
10.13039/100005169 Ohio Department of Mental Health(ODMH) Government United States
10.13039/100006373 Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services(Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services) Government United States
10.13039/100005167 Ohio Department of Transportation(ODOT) Government United States
10.13039/100006261 Ohio Development Services Agency(ODSA) Government United States
10.13039/100005091 Ohio Emergency Management Agency(Ohio EMA) Government United States
10.13039/100005089 Ohio Environmental Protection Agency(Ohio EPA) Government United States
10.13039/100009932 Ohio Humanities Private United States
10.13039/100005086 Ohio Humanities Council(OHC) Private United States
10.13039/100005087 Ohio Lake Erie Commission(OLEC) Government United States
10.13039/100005176 Ohio Newspapers Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009601 Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries(ORALL) Private United States
10.13039/100005776 Ohio Sea Grant College Program, Ohio State University Private United States
10.13039/100005755 Ohio Space Grant Consortium(OSGC) Private United States
10.13039/100006928 Ohio State University(OSU) Private United States
10.13039/100006929 Ohio State University Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005166 Ohio State University Press(OSU) Private United States
10.13039/100008076 Ohio University(OU) Government United States
10.13039/100006140 Oil and Natural Gas Government United States
10.13039/501100007510 Oita University Government Japan
10.13039/501100004399 Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications(The Okawa Foundation) Private Japan
10.13039/501100007130 Okazaki National Research Institutes(ONRI) Government Japan
10.13039/501100004199 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University(Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology) Government Japan
10.13039/100007714 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Promotion Corporation(OIST Promotion Corporation) Private Japan
10.13039/100007715 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology School Corporation(OIST School Corporation) Private Japan
10.13039/100009496 Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station(OAES) Government United States
10.13039/100008569 Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology(OCAST) Government United States
10.13039/100002264 Oklahoma Humanities Council(OHC) Private United States
10.13039/100008907 Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation(OMRF) Private United States
10.13039/100007808 Oklahoma Soil Fertility Research and Education Advisory Board(Soil Fertility Research and Education Advisory Board) Government United States
10.13039/100005756 Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium(OSGC) Private United States
10.13039/100007069 Oklahoma State University(OSU) Government United States
10.13039/501100008395 Oktatási és Kulturális Minisztérium(Ministry of Education and Culture) Government Hungary
10.13039/100009980 Old Dominion University(ODU) Private United States
10.13039/100009734 Olympus(Olympus Corp.) Private Japan
10.13039/100004014 OmnicomGroup Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100007070 Omnitek Private United States
10.13039/100008909 Once Upon A Time Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100005462 Oncology Nursing Society(ONS) Private United States
10.13039/100005499 Oncology Nursing Society Foundation(ONS Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100004388 Oncolytics Biotech(Oncolytics Biotech, Inc.) Private Canada
10.13039/100007071 OncoMed Pharmaceutical Private United States
10.13039/501100004201 Oncosuisse(OCS) Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100004497 Onderzoeksraad, KU Leuven Private Belgium
10.13039/501100004202 Ondokuz Mayis Ăśniversitesi(Ondokuz Mayis University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100010391 One in Five Association Private Australia
10.13039/100006424 OneBreath Private United States
10.13039/100003221 Oneida Nation Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010265 OneSight Private United States
10.13039/100003245 OneSight Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007067 Online Computer Library Center(OCLC) Private United States
10.13039/100002266 ONS Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100000234 Ontario Arts Council(Conseil des arts de l’Ontario) Government Canada
10.13039/100008914 Ontario Brain Institute(Institut Ontarien du Cerveau) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000110 Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health(Centre d’excellence de l’Ontario en santé mentale des enfants et des adolescents) Private Canada
10.13039/100009011 Ontario Centres for Excellence(OCE) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000121 Ontario Council on Graduate Studies, Council of Ontario Universities(Conseil ontarien des études supérieures) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003746 Ontario Division, Canadian Mental Health Association(Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000091 Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters(OFAH) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000092 Ontario Genomics Institute(l’Ontario Genomics Institute) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000085 Ontario HIV Treatment Network(OHTN) Government Canada
10.13039/100008185 Ontario Innovation Trust(OIT) Government Canada
10.13039/501100004203 Ontario Institute for Cancer Research(OICR) Government Canada
10.13039/501100008453 Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine(OIRM) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003248 Ontario Mental Health Foundation(OMHF) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000094 Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs(Ministère de l'Agriculture, de l'Alimentation et des Affaires rurales) Government Canada
10.13039/501100003267 Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services(Ministère des Services Sociaux et Communautaires) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000192 Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation(Ministre Du Développement Économique Et De L’innovation) Government Canada
10.13039/501100007079 Ontario Ministry of Food and Agriculture(OMAF) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000226 Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care(ministère de la Santé et des Soins de longue durée) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000049 Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation(ONF) Private Canada
10.13039/501100004526 Ontario Power Authority(OPA) Government Canada
10.13039/501100000050 Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre(OPGRC) Private Canada
10.13039/501100004723 Ontario Stroke Network(OSN) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000236 Ontario Trillium Foundation(Fondation Trillium de l’Ontario) Private Canada
10.13039/100007072 Onyx Pharmaceuticals Private United States
10.13039/100004438 OPEC Fund for International Development(OFID) Private Austria
10.13039/501100001324 Open Society Foundation for South Africa(OSF-SA) Private South Africa
10.13039/100000919 Open Society Foundations(OSF) Private United States
10.13039/100006640 Open Society Institute(OSI) Private United States
10.13039/501100007679 Open Source Drug Discovery(OSDD) Private India
10.13039/100007073 Open Square Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008509 Open University(OU) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008701 Open University Malaysia(OUM) Private Malaysia
10.13039/100007074 OpenAlgae Private United States
10.13039/501100003126 Opetus- ja Kulttuuriministeriö(Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland) Government Finland
10.13039/100010776 OPO-Stiftung Private Switzerland
10.13039/100001278 Oppenheimer Funds' Legacy Program Private United States
10.13039/100002267 Opportunity Finance Network Private United States
10.13039/100005095 Oprah's Angel Network Private United States
10.13039/100009237 Optical Society(OSA) Private United States
10.13039/501100007448 Or Yarok Association Private Israel
10.13039/100004682 Oracle Private United States
10.13039/100010301 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Foundation(OMS Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100004018 Oram Foundation(Fund for the Environment & Urban Life) Private United States
10.13039/501100003951 Orange Private France
10.13039/100003223 Orange County Community Foundation(OOCF) Private United States
10.13039/100003224 Orangutan Conservancy(OC) Private United States
10.13039/501100000322 Orangutan Foundation Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007483 Oranje Fonds Private Netherlands
10.13039/501100003509 Ă–rebro Universitet(Ă–rebro University) Private Sweden
10.13039/100007804 Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute(OCTRI) Private United States
10.13039/100003225 Oregon Council for the Humanities(OCH) Private United States
10.13039/100006668 Oregon Health and Science University(Oregon Health & Science University) Private United States
10.13039/100004021 Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100008143 Oregon National Primate Research Center(ONPRC) Private United States
10.13039/100005798 Oregon Sea Grant, Oregon State University(OSU) Private United States
10.13039/100005757 Oregon Space Grant Consortium(OSGC) Private United States
10.13039/100009612 Oregon State University(OSU) Government United States
10.13039/100004022 Organic Farming Research Foundation(OFRF) Private United States
10.13039/501100004766 Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW) Private Netherlands
10.13039/100005098 Organization for Autism Research(OAR) Private United States
10.13039/501100005920 Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World(OWSD) Private Italy
10.13039/100009313 Organization of American Historians(OAH) Private United States
10.13039/100005230 Organization of American States(OAS) Private United States
10.13039/100008759 Orica Limited(Orica) Private Australia
10.13039/100010354 Oriel College, University of Oxford(Oriel College Oxford) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007083 Orionin Tutkimussäätiö(Orion Research Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/501100003549 Országos Tudományos Kutatási Alapprogramok(Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) Government Hungary
10.13039/501100004175 Orta Dogu Teknik Ăśniversitesi(Middle East Technical University) Government Turkey
10.13039/100001279 Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation(OREF) Private United States
10.13039/100009283 Orthopaedic Research Society(ORS) Private United States
10.13039/501100000776 Orthopaedic Research UK Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006605 Oryzon Genomics Private Spain
10.13039/100005842 OSA Foundation(OSA) Private United States
10.13039/501100004205 Osaka Kidney Foundation Private Japan
10.13039/501100004788 Osaka Medical College Private Japan
10.13039/501100004206 Osaka University(OU) Government Japan
10.13039/100007075 Osiris Therapeutics Private United States
10.13039/501100005763 Oskar Ă–flunds Stiftelse(Oskar Ă–flunds Foundation) Private Finland
10.13039/501100000162 Osler Library of the History of Medicine, McGill University Private Canada
10.13039/501100003955 Oslo University College Private Norway
10.13039/501100004207 Osmania University(OU) Government India
10.13039/501100004208 Ă–ssur Private Iceland
10.13039/100003227 Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation(Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100007619 Osteology Foundation Private Switzerland
10.13039/100009451 Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009716 Osteoporosis Canada(Ostéoporose Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/100009363 Osteosynthesis and Trauma Care Foundation(OTC Foundation) Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100005012 Österreichische Agentur für Internationale Mobilität und Kooperation in Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung(Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research) Government Austria
10.13039/501100005204 Ă–sterreichische Austauschdienst(Austrian Exchange Service) Private Austria
10.13039/501100004955 Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft(Austrian Research Promotion Agency) Government Austria
10.13039/501100008531 Ă–sterreichische Gesellschaft fĂĽr Chirurgische Onkologie(Austrian Society of Surgical Oncology) Private Austria
10.13039/501100006526 Ă–sterreichische Gesellschaft fĂĽr Dermatologie und Venerologie(Austrian Society for Dermatology and Venereology) Private Austria
10.13039/501100004958 Österreichische Gesellschaft für Hämatologie und Onkologie(Austrian Society for Haematology and Medical Oncology) Private Austria
10.13039/100010142 Ă–sterreichische Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe(Ă–sterreichische Kinderkrebshilfe) Private Austria
10.13039/100010132 Ă–sterreichische Nationalstiftung fĂĽr Forschung, Technologie und Entwicklung(FTE-Stiftung) Government Austria
10.13039/100009050 Östersjöstiftelsen(Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100006704 Ostravská Univerzita v Ostravě(University of Ostrava) Government Czech Republic
10.13039/501100001563 Otago Medical Research Foundation(OMRF) Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100006208 Otago School of Medical Sciences(OSMS) Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100005964 Ă–terreichisches Exzellenzzentrum fĂĽr Tribologie(Austrian Excellence Center for Tribology) Private Austria
10.13039/501100007696 Oticon Fonden(Oticon Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/501100001522 Oticon Foundation in New Zealand Private New Zealand
10.13039/100004724 Otis Private United States
10.13039/100009155 Otsuka America Pharmaceutical(Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100007132 Otsuka Pharmaceutical(Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) Private Japan
10.13039/501100004390 Ottawa Hospital Government Canada
10.13039/100004023 Otter Tail Power Company Private United States
10.13039/100005517 Otto Bremer Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009865 Otto Bremer Trust(OBT) Private United States
10.13039/501100004209 Otto Mønsteds Fond(Otto Mønsteds Fund) Private Denmark
10.13039/100008937 OU College of Medicine Alumni Association Private United States
10.13039/501100006196 Oulun Yliopisto(University of Oulu) Government Finland
10.13039/100001097 Our Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100004210 Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin Private Ireland
10.13039/501100000299 Ovarian Cancer Action Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009845 Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation(OCRF) Private Australia
10.13039/100001282 Ovarian Cancer Research Fund(OCRF) Private United States
10.13039/100007078 OvaScience Private United States
10.13039/501100008208 Overlæge Johan Boserup og Lise Boserups Legat Private Denmark
10.13039/501100000669 Overseas Development Institute(ODI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100003607 Overseas Koreans Foundation(OKF) Government South Korea
10.13039/100009311 Overseas Press Club(OPC) Private United States
10.13039/100009312 Overseas Press Club Foundation(OPC Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100006736 Overseas Shipholding Group(Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100008779 Owens Institute for Behavioral Research(William A. and Barbara R. Owens Institute for Behavioral Research) Government United States
10.13039/100004026 Owl Research Institute(ORI) Private United States
10.13039/100009579 Oxalosis and Hyperoxaluria Foundation(Oxalosis & Hyperoxaluria Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001283 Oxfam America Private United States
10.13039/100010053 Oxford Brookes University Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006561 Oxford Cancer Imaging Centre(OCIC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000744 Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Oxford(OCIS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007724 Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies(OxCarre) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009031 Oxford Frozen Foods Private Canada
10.13039/501100004211 Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100009958 Oxford Optronix(Oxford Optronix Ltd.) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006149 Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust(Oxford University Hospitals National Health Service Trust) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007723 Oxford University Press(OUP) Private United Kingdom
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