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Fundref IDFunder NameBodyTypeCountry
10.13039/100004072 R Baby Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001523 R. Harold Burton Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004182 R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007510 R. Leon Gibson and Mary F. Gibson Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009936 R.D. and Linda Peters Foundation(R.D. & Linda Peters Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001748 R.J. McElroy Trust Private United States
10.13039/501100004284 R.T. Hall Trust(Estate of Late R.T. Hall) Private Australia
10.13039/501100006504 Rabobank Foundation Private Netherlands
10.13039/100006529 Race and Difference Initiative, Emory University(RDI) Private United States
10.13039/100010313 Racing Victoria(RV) Private Australia
10.13039/501100006209 Radboud Universitair Medisch Centrum(Radboudumc) Private Netherlands
10.13039/501100001832 Radboud University Nijmegen(Radboud Universiteit) Private Netherlands
10.13039/100006274 Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University Private United States
10.13039/501100008440 R책det for Anvendt Medieforskning(Council for Applied Media Research) Government Norway
10.13039/501100005862 R책det for Udviklingsforskning(Danish Council for Development Research) Private Denmark
10.13039/100010083 Radford University(RU) Private United States
10.13039/100005811 Radio and Television News Directors Foundation(RTNDF) Private United States
10.13039/100006098 Radiological Society of North America(RSNA) Private United States
10.13039/100008399 Radiopartsfonden(Radio Parts Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/100005146 Radioshack Private United States
10.13039/501100007232 Radiumhemmets Forskningsfonder(Cancer Research Foundations of Radiumhemmet) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100008388 Radiumhospitalets Forskningsstifltelse(Norwegian Radium Hospital Research Foundation) Private Norway
10.13039/501100006726 R책dman och Fru Ernst Collianders Stiftelse f철r V채lg철rande 횆ndam책l(R책dman och Fru Ernst Collianders Stiftelse) Private Sweden
10.13039/100007459 Ragnar Soderbergs stiftelse(Ragnar S철derbergs stiftelse) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100008278 Ragnhild Ibsens Legat For Medicinsk Forskning Private Denmark
10.13039/501100001063 Raine Medical Research Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/100010419 Rainforest Alliance Private United States
10.13039/501100007347 Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna(RMUTL) Government Thailand
10.13039/100008611 Rajiv Gandhi Foundation(RGF) Private India
10.13039/501100004255 Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences(Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka) Government India
10.13039/100003287 Rally Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007088 Ralph C. Wilson Foundation(Ralph Wilson Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001289 Ralph M. Parsons Foundation(RMPF) Private United States
10.13039/100007114 Ralph W. and Grace M. Showalter Research Trust Fund(Showalter Research Trust) Private United States
10.13039/100009860 Ramaciotti Foundations(Clive and Vera Ramaciotti Foundations) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000685 Ramsay Memorial Fellowships Trust, University College London Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007449 Ran Naor Foundation(Israel Ran Naor Foundation for the Advancement of Road Safety Research) Private Israel
10.13039/100004459 RAND Corporation(RAND) Private United States
10.13039/100005147 Random House, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100004076 Rangjung Yeshe Foundation(RYF) Private United States
10.13039/501100007939 Rangsit University(RSU) Private Thailand
10.13039/501100001104 RANZCOG Research Foundation(RANZCOG) Private Australia
10.13039/100009298 Raptor Research Foundation(RRF) Private United States
10.13039/100001619 Ray C. Fish Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002836 Ray Thomas Edwards Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100008278 Raymond A. Mason School of Business Government United States
10.13039/100007089 Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute for Biological Physical and Engineering Sciences, Yale University Private United States
10.13039/501100000411 Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association(RSA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100004726 Raytheon Company Private United States
10.13039/501100004256 Razi University Government Iran
10.13039/501100008605 RCVS Knowledge Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100007090 Reader셲 Digest Partners for Sight Foundation(Partners for Sight) Private United States
10.13039/100008353 Ready Mixed Concrete Research and Education Foundation(RMC Research and Education Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100001061 Rebecca L. Cooper Medical Research Foundation Private Australia
10.13039/501100005322 Recep Tayyip Erdogan 횥niversitesi(RTEU) Government Turkey
10.13039/501100001853 Recruitment and Assesment Centre(RAC) Government India
10.13039/100008424 Recycled Materials Resource Center(RMRC) Government United States
10.13039/501100007747 Red Espa챰ola de Esclerosis M첬ltiple(Spanish Network of Multiple Sclerosis) Government Spain
10.13039/100009937 Reed College Private United States
10.13039/100009438 Reference and User Services Association(RUSA) Private United States
10.13039/100010080 Reflections of Grace Foundation(Reflections of Grace) Private United States
10.13039/100007091 RefleXion Medical Private United States
10.13039/100009857 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals(Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/501100005275 Region Hovedstaden(Capital Region of Denmark) Government Denmark
10.13039/501100004258 Regional Medical Associates of Hamilton Private Canada
10.13039/100008048 Regional Studies Association(RSA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100008120 Regionale forskningsfond Oslofjordfondet(Oslofjordfondet) Government Norway
10.13039/501100003852 Regione Campania Government Italy
10.13039/501100005109 Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario(RNFOO) Private Canada
10.13039/100006380 Rehabilitation Research and Development Service(VA Rehabilitation Research and Development) Government United States
10.13039/100001308 Reinberger Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100004259 Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung(Reiner Lemoine Stiftung) Private Germany
10.13039/501100003541 Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung(Reinhold Beitlich Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/100002865 Reliant Medical Group Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100000363 Remedi Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100008362 Rem챕ny a Leuk챕mi찼s Gyermekek챕rt Alap챠tv찼ny Private Hungary
10.13039/100009415 Renaissance Society of America(RSA) Private United States
10.13039/100005203 Renal Pathology Society(RPS) Private United States
10.13039/100003311 Rend Lake College Foundation(RLC Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/501100004260 Renmin University of China(RUC) Government China
10.13039/100007092 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(Rensselaer) Private United States
10.13039/501100002796 Repubblica e Cantone Ticino(Republic and Canton of Ticino) Government Switzerland
10.13039/501100003641 Republic of Korea National Red Cross(Korean Red Cross) Private South Korea
10.13039/100006190 Research and Development Government United States
10.13039/100006467 Research and Development Center, U.S. Coast Guard(RDC USCG) Government United States
10.13039/501100004261 Research and Development Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador(Research & Development Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador) Government Canada
10.13039/501100001600 Research and Education Foundation, Sligo General Hospital Private Ireland
10.13039/501100000689 Research Capacity Building Collaboration Wales(RCBC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001651 Research Center for Social and Cultural Studies in Gotha, University of Erfurt(Forschungszentrum Gotha der Universit채t Erfurt) Private Germany
10.13039/501100004745 Research Center of the College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University(RC CCIS, KSU) Government Saudi Arabia
10.13039/501100002665 Research Committee, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki(A.U.Th Research Committee) Private Greece
10.13039/100001309 Research Corporation for Science Advancement(RCSA) Private United States
10.13039/100009494 Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement(RCSA) Private United States
10.13039/501100005223 Research Council for Physical Education and Sports Government Finland
10.13039/501100000690 Research Councils UK(RCUK) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100006837 Research Down Syndrome(RDS) Private United States
10.13039/501100000783 Research Executive Agency(REA) Government Belgium
10.13039/100003303 Research Foundation for Health and Environmental Effects(RFHEE) Private United States
10.13039/100003304 Research Foundation of CFA Institute(CFA Institute) Private United States
10.13039/100004870 Research Foundation of The City University of New York(RFCUNY) Government United States
10.13039/501100002920 Research Grants Council, University Grants Committee, Hong Kong(RGC, UGC) Private Hong Kong
10.13039/501100004487 Research Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics of Maragha(RIAAM) Government Iran
10.13039/100008357 Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems(RIBSP) Government Kazakhstan
10.13039/501100005852 Research Institute for Dental Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences(RIDS, SBUMS) Government Iran
10.13039/501100007427 Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences(Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences) Private Iran
10.13039/501100005966 Research Institute for Integrated Science, Kanagawa University Private Japan
10.13039/501100007695 Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences(RIMS) Private Japan
10.13039/501100006467 Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University(Research Institute of Electrical Communication) Private Japan
10.13039/501100004968 Research Institute, Aoyama Gakuin University(Aoyama Gakuin University Research Institute) Private Japan
10.13039/100006783 Research Institute, Georgia Institute of Technology(Georgia Tech Research Institute) Private United States
10.13039/100008794 Research Manitoba Government Canada
10.13039/501100006152 Research Promotion and Technology Transfer Center(Research Promotion and Technology Transfer Center, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science) Private Thailand
10.13039/501100001810 Research Promotion Foundation(RPF) Private Cyprus
10.13039/100007158 Research Ranch Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100000107 Research Services, University of Calgary Private Canada
10.13039/100001818 Research to Prevent Blindness(RPB) Private United States
10.13039/501100000659 Research Trainees Coordinating Centre(NIHRTCC) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100005563 Research Triangle Institute(RTI) Private United States
10.13039/100010459 Research, Development and Engineering Command(U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command) Government United States
10.13039/100010571 R챕seau en Bio-Imagerie du Quebec(Quebec Bio-Imaging Network) Private Canada
10.13039/501100001565 Reserve Bank of New Zealand(RBNZ) Government New Zealand
10.13039/100003305 ResMed Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007287 Resnick Sustainability Institute for Science, Energy and Sustainability, California Institute of Technology(Resnick Institute) Private United States
10.13039/100003306 Resources for the Future(RFF) Private United States
10.13039/100010252 Resources Legacy Fund(RLF) Private United States
10.13039/100007849 Respiratory Health Association(RHA) Private United States
10.13039/100002295 Respiratory Health Association of Metropolitan Chicago(RHAMC) Private United States
10.13039/501100000626 Responsible Gambling Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010560 Rest Haven Children셲 Health Fund Private United States
10.13039/100010491 Resthaven Incorporated(Resthaven) Private Australia
10.13039/100004087 Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation(RLS Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001311 Retirement Research Foundation(RRF) Private United States
10.13039/100010172 Rett Syndrome Association of Australia(RSAA) Private Australia
10.13039/100004088 Rett Syndrome Association of Illinois(RSAI) Private United States
10.13039/501100006315 Reumafonds(Dutch Arthritis혻Foundation) Private Netherlands
10.13039/501100008106 Reumatikerdistriktet i G철teborg(G철teborg Association against Rheumatism) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100007949 Reumatikerf철rbundet Private Sweden
10.13039/100002296 Reuter Foundation(RF) Private United States
10.13039/501100000696 Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford(RISJ) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100003083 Reva and David Logan Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001313 RGK Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100008131 Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universit채t Bonn(Universit채t Bonn) Private Germany
10.13039/100006260 Rheumatology Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010428 Rhode Island College(RIC) Government United States
10.13039/100005291 Rhode Island Council for the Humanities Private United States
10.13039/100005784 Rhode Island Sea Grant, University of Rhode Island Private United States
10.13039/100005760 Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium(RISG) Private United States
10.13039/501100000697 Rhodes Scholarships Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001333 Rhodes University Private South Africa
10.13039/100007863 Rice University(William Marsh Rice University) Private United States
10.13039/100001166 Richard and Ethel Herzfeld Foundation(The Richard and Ethel Herzfeld Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100001341 Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100003781 Richard D. Frisbee III Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100000242 Richard Ivey Foundation Private Canada
10.13039/100000915 Richard King Mellon Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001103 Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc. Private United States
10.13039/100007093 Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001317 Richmond County Savings Foundation(RSCF) Private United States
10.13039/100009520 Rick Hansen Institute(Institut Rick Hansen) Private Canada
10.13039/100004727 Ricoh Americas Corporation Private United States
10.13039/501100007060 R카gas Tehnisk훮 Universit훮te(Universidade T챕cnica de Riga) Private Latvia
10.13039/501100007415 Right to Care Private South Africa
10.13039/501100005111 Rigshospitalet Private Denmark
10.13039/501100006309 Riisfort Fonden(Riisfort Foundation) Private Denmark
10.13039/501100007192 Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu(Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) Government Netherlands
10.13039/501100001721 Rijksuniversiteit Groningen(University of Groningen) Private Netherlands
10.13039/501100006264 RIKEN Private Japan
10.13039/501100007118 Rikkyo University Private Japan
10.13039/501100004472 Riksbankens Jubileumsfond(Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100008582 Riksf철rbundet f철r R철relsehindrade Barn och Ungdomar(Swedish National Association for Disabled Children and Young People) Private Sweden
10.13039/100009176 Risk Management Agency(RMA) Government United States
10.13039/100001447 Rita Allen Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100005405 Ritsumeikan University Private Japan
10.13039/100010325 Riverbanks Zoo and Garden Private United States
10.13039/501100003293 Rivierduinen(Mental Health Rivierduinen) Private Netherlands
10.13039/501100001780 RMIT University Private Australia
10.13039/100006004 Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100007705 Robarts Research Institute(Robarts Research) Private Canada
10.13039/100010302 Robert A. and Renee E. Belfer Family Foundation(Robert A. & Renee E. Belfer Family Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100006944 Robert and Beverly Lewis Family Cancer Care Center Private United States
10.13039/100001234 Robert and Janice McNair Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002060 Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation(Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100006044 Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100001646 Robert Bosch Stiftung Private Germany
10.13039/100001507 Robert Bowne Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100002220 Robert E. and Evelyn Mckee Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100000938 Robert E. Leet and Clara Guthrie Patterson Trust Private United States
10.13039/100007153 Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University(NYU Wagner) Government United States
10.13039/100007882 Robert Garrett Fund for the Surgical Treatment of Children Private United States
10.13039/100009749 Robert Gordon University(RGU) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/100005925 Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies, Thomas Jefferson Foundation(Robert H. Smith ICJS) Private United States
10.13039/100003239 Robert J. and Claire Pasarow Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100004264 Robert Luff Foundation Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100006593 Robert M. Fisher Memorial Foundation(Robert M. Fisher Memorial Foundation Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100006359 Robert M. McCormick Tribune Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006010 Robert Penn Warren Center for the Humanities, Vanderbilt University Private United States
10.13039/100004111 Robert Schalkenbach Foundation(RSF) Private United States
10.13039/100001037 Robert Sterling Clark Foundation(The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, Inc.) Private United States
10.13039/100009299 Robert Toigo Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010003 Robert W. Woodruff Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100008209 Robert Wehnerts og Kirsten Wehnerts Fond Private Denmark
10.13039/100000867 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation(RWJF) Private United States
10.13039/100006381 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy Private United States
10.13039/100002293 Roberts Enterprise Development Fund(REDF) Private United States
10.13039/100006635 Robin Hood Foundation(Robin Hood) Private United States
10.13039/100007094 Robina Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004337 Roche Private Switzerland
10.13039/501100001258 Roche Organ Transplant Research Foundation(ROTRF) Private Switzerland
10.13039/100004728 Rock-Tenn Company Private United States
10.13039/100006046 Rockefeller Brothers Fund(RBF) Private United States
10.13039/100000877 Rockefeller Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004095 Rockfall Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007095 Rockwell Collins Private United States
10.13039/100005764 Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium Private United States
10.13039/100009724 Roddenberry Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007096 Roger M. Prizant Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Private United States
10.13039/100004338 Rohm & Haas Company Private United States
10.13039/100010271 Rolex Private Switzerland
10.13039/100005271 Rolex Institute Private Switzerland
10.13039/100002175 Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010276 Rollins College Private United States
10.13039/100010416 Rollins School of Public Health(RSPH) Private United States
10.13039/501100000767 Rolls-Royce Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010566 Rome Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100001319 Ronald McDonald House Charities(RMHC) Private United States
10.13039/100002302 Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern New England, Inc.(RMHCENE) Private United States
10.13039/100003319 Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northeastern Ohio(RMHC-NEO) Private United States
10.13039/100004098 Ronald McDonald House of Houston, Inc.(RMH) Private United States
10.13039/100005697 Roosevelt Institute Private United States
10.13039/100006714 Roosevelt University Private United States
10.13039/501100007451 Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung(Rosa Luxemburg Foundation) Private Germany
10.13039/501100008210 Rosalie Petersens Fond Private Denmark
10.13039/100009598 Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation(The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100001416 Rose Community Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006421 Rose Ella Burkhardt Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center, Cleveland Clinic Private United States
10.13039/100001825 Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment(Rose Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100010118 Rosemarie-Germscheid-Stiftung Private Germany
10.13039/100006656 Rosenberg Foundation Private United States
10.13039/501100001740 Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center for German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Private Israel
10.13039/501100000833 Rosetrees Trust Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100003320 Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute Private United States
10.13039/100003325 Rossi Family Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100006398 Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, Roswell Park Cancer Institute Private United States
10.13039/100001320 Roswell Park Cancer Institute Private United States
10.13039/100008650 Rotary Club of Eureka Private United States
10.13039/100004460 Rotary Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100004455 Rothamsted International(RI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010273 Rothamsted Research(Rothamsted) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100003948 Rothschild Caesarea Foundation Private Israel
10.13039/501100002323 Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest(RRI) Private Canada
10.13039/501100008237 Rottapharm|Madaus(Rottapharm Madaus) Private Italy
10.13039/100001829 Rowland Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100009835 Rowland Institute at Harvard(Rowland Institute) Private United States
10.13039/100009855 Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation(RCLCF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100001024 Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust Private United States
10.13039/501100000287 Royal Academy of Engineering Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004267 Royal Adelaide Hospital(RAH) Government Australia
10.13039/100010034 Royal Agricultural University(Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000335 Royal Anthropological Institute(RAI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000698 Royal Astronomical Society(RAS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001232 Royal Australasian College of Physicians(RACP) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001233 Royal Australian Chemical Institute(RACI) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001234 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners(RACGP) Private Australia
10.13039/501100001296 Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001077 Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital Foundation(RBWH Foundation) Private Australia
10.13039/100008631 Royal British Legion Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000185 Royal Canadian Geographical Society(La Soci챕t챕 g챕ographique royale du Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/501100003551 Royal Canin Private France
10.13039/100007097 Royal Caribbean International Private United States
10.13039/501100001297 Royal College Of Anaesthetists(RCoA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001298 Royal College of Art(RCA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007566 Royal College of Emergency Medicine(RCEM) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010334 Royal College of General Practitioners(RCGP) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008892 Royal College of Midwives(RCM) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001235 Royal College of Nursing, Australia(RCNA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000682 Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists(RCOG) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000699 Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health(RCPCH) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008149 Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia(RCPA) Private Australia
10.13039/100008148 Royal College of Pathologists of Australia(RCPA) Private Australia
10.13039/501100000395 Royal College of Physicians(RCP) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010248 Royal College of Psychiatrists(RC PSYCH) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000398 Royal College of Radiologists(RCR) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000692 Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh(RCSEd) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000297 Royal College of Surgeons of England(RCS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000686 Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Charitable Trust(RCVS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100004268 Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu(RCJY) Government Saudi Arabia
10.13039/501100000700 Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009745 Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust(Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust) Government United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001629 Royal Dublin Society(RDS) Private Ireland
10.13039/501100000701 Royal Economic Society(RES) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000623 Royal Geographical Society(RGS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000359 Royal Historical Society(RHS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000749 Royal Institute of British Architects(RIBA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001601 Royal Irish Academy(Acadamh R챠oga na h횋ireann) Private Ireland
10.13039/501100000702 Royal Literary Fund(RLF) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100008690 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology(RMIT) Private Australia
10.13039/100009491 Royal National Lifeboat Institution(RNLI) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001722 Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences(De Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen) Private Netherlands
10.13039/501100001309 Royal Norwegian Embassy in London Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100003924 Royal Pharmaceutical Society(RPS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000827 Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain(RPS) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007078 Royal Project Foundation Private Thailand
10.13039/100009366 Royal Roads University(RRU) Private Canada
10.13039/501100007862 Royal Scientific Society(RSS) Private Jordan
10.13039/501100000288 Royal Society Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100009478 Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(RSPCA) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000188 Royal Society of Canada(Soci챕t챕 royale du Canada) Private Canada
10.13039/501100000704 Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000332 Royal Society of Edinburgh(RSE) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100000828 Royal Society of Medicine(RSM) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001509 Royal Society of New Zealand Private New Zealand
10.13039/501100000683 Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene(RSTMH) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100001725 Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences(Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien) Private Sweden
10.13039/501100004920 Royan Institute Private Iran
10.13039/501100000310 RP Fighting Blindness Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100001352 RSF Social Finance Private United States
10.13039/100005625 RSNA Research and Educational Foundation(RSNA R&E Foundation) Private United States
10.13039/100008199 RTI International Private United States
10.13039/100007463 Rufford Foundation(Rufford Small Grants Foundation) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100006254 Ruhr-Universit채t Bochum(RUB) Government Germany
10.13039/100008448 Rune och Ulla Aml철vs Stiftelse f철r Neurologisk och Reumatologisk Forskning(Rune and Ulla Aml철v Foundation for Neurological and Rheumatological Research) Private Sweden
10.13039/100009172 Rural Business-Cooperative Service Government United States
10.13039/501100003627 Rural Development Administration(RDA) Government South Korea
10.13039/100009167 Rural Housing Service Government United States
10.13039/501100000982 Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation(RIRDC) Private Australia
10.13039/100009169 Rural Utilities Service(RUS) Government United States
10.13039/100010397 Rural Women New Zealand(RWNZ) Private New Zealand
10.13039/100008616 Rush University Private United States
10.13039/501100007426 Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology(RBNI - Nanotechnology Research) Government Israel
10.13039/100000935 Russell Sage Foundation(RSF) Private United States
10.13039/100009656 Russian Academy of Medical Sciences(RAMS) Private Russia
10.13039/501100002674 Russian Academy of Sciences(RAS) Private Russia
10.13039/501100001622 Russian and Eurasian Centre, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100002261 Russian Foundation for Basic Research(RFBR) Government Russia
10.13039/100009094 Russian Humanitarian Foundation(Russian Foundation for Humanities) Private Russia
10.13039/501100006769 Russian Science Foundation(RSF) Government Russia
10.13039/100009409 Russian Science Support Foundation Private Russia
10.13039/100007558 Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey(Cancer Institute of New Jersey) Government United States
10.13039/100002690 Ruth K. Broad Biomedical Research Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100010387 Rutlish Foundation Private United Kingdom
10.13039/501100007210 RWTH Aachen University(Rheinisch-Westf채lische Technische Hochschule Aachen) Private Germany
10.13039/100007138 Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation Private United States
10.13039/100007891 Ryerson University Private Canada
10.13039/100008938 Rygbi Innovations(Rygbi Innovations Cyf.) Private United Kingdom
10.13039/100010474 RYR-1 Foundation Private United States
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