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1 The effects of EMG-triggered functional electrical stimulation on upper extremity function in stroke patients
Young Kim
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)1-6   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006412
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12 A comparison of the aerobic cost and muscle use in aerobic dance to the energy costs and muscle use on treadmill, elliptical trainer and bicycle ergometry
Jerrold Petrofsky, M. Laymon, R. Mcgrew, D. Papa, R. Hahn, R. Kaethler, M. Johnson, B. Wernow, D. Poblete
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)12-20   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006421
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21 The effects of therapeutic ultrasound stimulation on the inflammation cytokine in rat articular chondrocytes
Eun-Jung Kim, Sujin Hwang, Gye-Yeop Kim
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)21-26   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006422
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27 The effects of active release technique on the gluteus medius for pain relief in persons with chronic low back pain
Sajin Tak, Yongwoo Lee, Wonjae Choi, Gyuchang Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)27-30   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006423
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31 Injury and inflammation detection by the application of microcurrent through the skin
Timothy Hui, Jerrold Petrofsky
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)31-38   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006424
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39 The effects of treadmill training on dynamic balance and gait function in stroke patients: a pilot randomized controlled trial
Eun Jung Chung, Byounghee Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)39-43   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006425
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44 The changes of rectus abdominis muscle thickness according to the angle during active straight leg raise
Hwang Jae Lee, Kil Ho Shin, Sung Mi Byun, Hyeon Seo Jeong, Ji Su Hong, Su Ji Jeong, Wan Hee Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)44-48   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006426
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49 The influence of general characteristics of physical therapy students in regards to major satisfaction and academic achivement
You-Lim Kim, Suk-Min Lee
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)49-56   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006427
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57 Correlation of single leg vertical jump, single leg hop, and single leg squat distances in healthy persons
Seung-Ho Shin, Hyunjae Woo
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)57-61   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006428
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7 The effects of virtual reality-based physical therapy in stroke patients
Charyong Kim, Won-Kyu Min
Phys Ther Rehabil Sci. 2013;2(1)7-11   Published online 2013 June 20
  SCID: SC000006430
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