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327 Possible influences of exercise-intensity-dependent increases in non-cortical hemodynamic variables on NIRS-based neuroimaging analysis during cognitive tasks: Technical note
Kyeongho Byun, Kazuki Hyodo, Kazuya Suwabe, Sylwester Kujach, Morimasa Kato, Hideaki Soya
J. Exerc. Nutr, Biochem. 2014;18(4):327-332.   Published online 2014 November 27    DOI:
SCID: SC000007084
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333 DHEA administration has limited effect onintestinal Ca absorption in ovariectomized rats
Jonghoon Park, Naomi Omi
J. Exerc. Nutr, Biochem. 2014;18(4):333-337.   Published online 2014 December 4    DOI:
SCID: SC000007082
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339 Effect of aerobic exercise training on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease induced by a high fat diet in C57BL/6 mice
Jinkyung Cho, Inhwan Lee, Donghyun Kim, Yeojung Koh, Jiyoung Kong, Sanghee Lee, Hyunsik Kang
J. Exerc. Nutr, Biochem. 2014;18(4):339-346.   Published online 2014 December 4    DOI:
SCID: SC000007080
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347 The ACTN3 R577X variant in sprint and strength performance
Hyeoijin Kim, Keon-Hyoung Song, Chul-Hyun Kim
J. Exerc. Nutr, Biochem. 2014;18(4):347-353.   Published online 2014 December 6    DOI:
SCID: SC000007081
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355 Arterial stiffness is inversely associated with a better running record in a full course marathon race
Su-Jeen Jung, Jae-Hyoung Park, Sewon Lee
J. Exerc. Nutr, Biochem. 2014;18(4):355-359.   Published online 2014 December 29    DOI:
SCID: SC000007079
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361 Roles of physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness on sex difference in insulin resistance in late elementary years
Hye-Ryun Hong, Chang-Duk Ha, Ji-Young Kong, Sang-Hee Lee, Moon-Goo Song, Hyun-Sik Kang
J. Exerc. Nutr, Biochem. 2014;18(4):361-369.   Published online 2014 December 1    DOI:
SCID: SC000007083
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371 Effect of different training mode on Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and C-reactive protein (CRP) in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients
Kwi Baek Kim
J. Exerc. Nutr, Biochem. 2014;18(4):371-378.   Published online 2014 December 14    DOI:
SCID: SC000007087
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379 Effect of exercise on hyperactivity, impulsivity and dopamine D2 receptor expression in the substantia nigra and striatum of spontaneous hypertensive rats
Han Sam Cho, Dae Jung Baek, Seung Soo Baek
J. Exerc. Nutr, Biochem. 2014;18(4):379-384.   Published online 2014 December 31    DOI:
SCID: SC000007085
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385 Clinical characteristics of OGTT-derived hepatic- and muscle insulin resistance in healthy young men
Maeng Kyu Kim
J. Exerc. Nutr, Biochem. 2014;18(4):385-392.   Published online 2014 December 10    DOI:
SCID: SC000007086
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