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Research Article
111 Effects of Stress Perception Level on Dietary Habits and Oral Health Behaviors in Adolescents
Ji-Young Park, Sun-Mi Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)111-117   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015054
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Research Article
118 Focus Group Interview on Opinion about the Design and Management of Toothbrushing Facilities
Hyo-Jin Lee, Dai-Il Paik
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)118-126   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015053
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Research Article
127 A Study on the Oral Health and Oral Health Related Quality of Life of Stroke Patients in a Rehabilitation Ward: A Pilot Study
Eun-kyong Kim, Min-Seon Kim, Hee-Kyung Lee
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)127-133   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015056
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Research Article
134 Effectiveness and Learning Experience of Dental Communication Course Training in Dental Hygiene Schools
Yong-Keum Choi, Bo-Mi Shin, Jung-Hui Son, Deok-Young Park
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)134-141   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015057
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Research Article
142 The Influence of Job Stress and Job Satisfaction on Turnover Intention for Male Dental Hygienists
Young-ki Kim, Ho-Jang Kwon
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)142-149   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015058
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Research Article
150 Color Stability of Self-Cured Temporary Crown Resin according to Different Surface Treatments
Ji-Won Park, Sung-Suk Bae
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)150-156   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015059
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Research Article
157 Effect of Oral Health-Related Quality of Life on School Life Satisfaction in High School Students
Kui-Ye Yang, Ji-Eon Jang
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)157-164   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015060
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Research Article
165 Relationship among Sociodemographic Characteristics, General Health Behaviors, and Toothbrushing in Daejeon, South Korea
Sang-Hwang Oh, Soo-Jeong Hwang
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)165-175   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015062
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Research Article
176 Evaluation of In-Vitro Efficacy of Active Ingredients in Dentifrice Used for Different Treatment Times
Jae-Hyun Ahn, Ji-Hye Kim, Ji-Young Kim
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)176-182   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015061
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Research Article
183 Factors Influencing Infection Control Awareness and Implementation Levels among Dental Hygienists
Kyeung-Ae Jang, Jung-Hyun Park
J Dent Hyg Sci. 2016;16(2)183-192   Published online 2016 April 30
 DOI:   SCID: SC000015063
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